Bad Grammar

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Title: Bad Grammar

Age group: 9-12

Publication Date: January, 2013

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Synopsis: Marcus is a warrior in the game world – a legend. He is a shy nobody in the real world – a loser.
But he’s just been mistakenly enrolled in Bad Grammar, an outback boarding school for bad kids. This place is not a resort. It’s a last resort.

Reviews:Four out of five stars. A funny fast-paced book, full of outlandish characters and incidents, and frequent asides from The Warrior’s Guide to Everything, this is a recommended read for young adventurers.” Australian Booksellers and Publishers Magazine. – read the full review here. “I found the message highly appropriate and presented in a subtle and engaging way, where all readers will feel empathy towards Marcus.” Lamont Standing Orders. ”An action-packed and amusing story for younger teen boys.” New Zealand Herald. “This is a fast-paced book in every way … it’s entertaining, ridiculous and well-written, and keeps the reader turning the pages.” BuzzWords – read the full review here. “Bad Grammar is a humorous junior novel filled with entertaining characters … There are lots of laugh out loud moments, lots of gross moments and even some thoughtful ideas about friendship and belonging. It is ideal for kids looking to step up to the next level from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate and similar novels.” Kids Book Review – read the full review here. “Rating: 10/10. Parts of the book made me laugh heaps, other parts made me want to cry. A cool bit of the book was how the chapters were levels.” Sunday Mail (Adelaide).

Teacher’s Notes: Download from here

Where to buy: All good bookstores. If they don’t stock it they are a naughty bookstore. Or you could search online.

Behind the Scenes Information: Bad Grammar began its origin as a concept for a children’s television show and some of the characters and plot lines have remained. Work is being done on a companion book, currently titled Gasbag, which is also set at the Bad Grammar school but told from Fred’s point of view and covering events that took place before Marcus arrived. Bad Grammar was written during a May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Creative Time Fellowship in Adelaide. The cover illustrations are by the very talented Heath McKenzie.

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7 Responses to “Bad Grammar”

  • awesome books nathan luff visited our school on the 20 of august awesome author

  • Simone Loh

    Is this book based on a true story about your self or a friend of yours?

  • Hi Simone,

    Some parts are based on true stories – such as me losing my best friend and me having a pet rock (which I lost) and the ghost is a real ghost from my high school but most of the book is made up.

  • Clovis Morin

    this is my favourite book its so engaging i love the story and the whole is just really good

  • Thanks Clovis for your message. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!

  • Tdraj Raj

    whats the name of the school? Is it BAD GRAMMAR like the title of the book?

  • It is Bourkely Boys Grammar. Bad Grammar is the nickname for it.

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