Chicken Stu

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Title: Chicken Stu

Age group: 9+

Publication Date: April, 2010

Publisher: Scholastic

Synopsis: Stu is a wuss. A city kid. A chicken. His country cousins are daredevils who look like they sprinkle steroids on their cereal. When Stu is packed off to the country for the summer, he has to face the danger that lurks behind every tree: demonic lambs, yabby-infested tanks, raging creeks and, worst of all, his relatives.
Lists & Awards: The German language edition of Chicken Stu received the LesePeter Literary Award in May 2012. Chicken Stu is on the Younger Readers list for the 2013 Western Australian Young Readers’ Book Awards (WAYRBA) and is on the Premier’s Reading Challenge Lists for NSW, VIC, SA & QLD, and it is also on the Primary Focus Fiction List in WA.

Reviews: Nathan Luff has a great voice, he is funny and sensitive. This book is written with so much good humour that you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing out loud. Jackie Hosking, Pass it On. Chicken Stu is a fun and action-packed story, which moves along very quickly. The reader gets a real sense of danger, fear and adrenalin. The lists that pop up throughout the text show great imagination. Australian Bookseller & Publisher Magazine. Read more here.

Teacher’s Notes: Download PDF of teacher’s notes here

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Behind the Scenes Information: Chicken Stu is slightly autobiographical, in that many of the things Stu and his cousins get up to were inspired by real life antics between Nathan and his four brothers. The original title was Why the Chicken Crossed the Creek.  Chicken Stu was developed through a mentorship with John Larkin, that was a result of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (NSW branch) Frustrated Mentorship Program. The cover design was by John and Stella Danalis.

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  • Sam Wilson

    I love it, very genuine and a real page turner!

  • Simone Loh

    I really like this book so far!!!

  • hi #love your books#

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