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Gift Giving Season is here and because I’m pretty sure Santa reads this blog, I thought I’d share some of my wishlist. In case Santa is too busy with other blogs, I do accept gifts from strangers as well.

A Pack of Twisties that Stops Time

I once saw an ad on TV for Twisties where when you bit on one, time stopped until you took another bite. I think this would help me finish my new book. I will probably need quite a few packets. While you’re in the ‘Fantasy Food’ section of the supermarket, I would also like a packet of Tim Tams that never runs out.

Books, books & more books.

I do enjoy it when my gifts arrive in a rectangular book-like shape. Here are some new titles I’m excited about:

Jasper Fforde – The Last Dragon Slayer

I love Jasper Fforde. He has written the Thursday Next series, as well as the spin-off Nursery-Crime series, and the new Shades of Grey series. All his books are zany and heaps of fun. The Last Dragon Slayer is his first novel for children, and I believe it is part of a series as well. The man is perhaps incapable of writing a stand-alone book, and this means fans like myself have to wait impatiently for him to finish the many stories he has started. It’s just plain evil. So I would also like a time machine, so I can go into the future and visit a bookshop to stock up on the sequels.

Autobiography of Mark Twain Volume 1

Mr Twain (or should I say Mr Clemens) stipulated this autobiography wouldn’t be published until 100 years after his death, which is now! Will the expectation be too much …? I loved the stories of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer as a kid– although these boys were from a different era and a different country, something about their adventures mirrored my childhood. So I’m interested in learning more about the man and what led him to write such brilliant books. I will then use the time machine you have already bought to go back in time 100 years and tell Mr Clemens what I thought.

Clothbound Classics from Penguin.

I’ve noticed that Penguin are releasing some of my favourite children’s classics in a clothbound edition. Titles include: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Black Beauty, Peter Pan, Gulliver’s Travels, Wind in the Willows, Anne of Green Gables, & The Call of the Wild. It would be good to see some Australian classics released too like Seven Little Australians, Blinky Bill & Snugglepot & Cuddlepie. Just don’t spill anything on the cloth covers of these books, because I’m pretty sure that while a spin in the washing machine will get the stain out of the cover, it will leave a bit of a soggy mess inside. I only wash books by Thomas Hardy and Daniel Defoe, and that’s because they make me angry.

A Flying Car

I’m not completely sure that you can buy flying cars yet; I think they are still working on making the ones we have environmentally friendly, but nonetheless I would like a flying car because traffic seems to be getting worse. I would also like a chauffer for my flying car because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to avoid birds, power lines and the occasional tree. I would like to not have to pay the chauffer as I don’t have much money, so perhaps he could be a highly trained monkey or something, which would mean he could also double as an interesting pet.

An Interesting Pet

(see above)

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