Happy Birthday Chicken Stu!

April 3rd, 2020 · No Comments »

Chicken Stu has just turned 10!!!!!

It is crazy for me to believe that Chicken Stu  is now ten years old. Those ten years have gone by so quickly. Today I celebrated with cake. A lot of cake. Stu didn’t have any, on account of him being a book, so I ate his share. As a birthday present, I gave him a nice dusting.

Yes, back in April 2010, I got to launch my first ever book out into the wild. My precious baby has been read by many around the world since then. There have been awards, inclusions on important lists and lots of heartwarming feedback from young fans. Now, ten years later, it has become difficult to find copies. Let’s hope that the release of some new books over the next 12 months sparks an increased interest in Stu and he can be re-released to live another day!!

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