Judging a Book by its Cover

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So I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes it’s hard.

And there’s nothing better when you’re having a love affair with a book and it has a perfect cover. Sometimes before diving into the page I’m up to, I stroke the beautiful cover and tell the book how much I’ve missed it. Do you do that? No? Oh yeah, me neither …

So anyway I’ve been thinking about covers because I just read a really great young adult book that is part of a trilogy and I HATE the covers. I get so caught up in the story and then I close the book and see the cover and want to spew a little. I should really cover them in brown paper bags. I won’t name the books because I’m sure a lot of work went into the covers and hey, there are probably some people who do like them. It’s just lucky that someone recommended the books to me or I would never have started reading them. I think part of the problem is that the books don’t fit neatly into 1 genre and the genre they have chosen to represent on the cover is the least appealing of the 2 genre splices for me.

Tricky business covers … I do not envy those who have to create them.

Here though, for your viewing pleasure are some of my favourite book covers in my collection.

The first lot of covers are designed by artists Kai and Sunny for David Mitchell’s books:


These ones are from artist Shepard Fairey and we have prints of these framed on our wall I love them so much:


This book I read purely because I loved the cover. So simple but so appealing. The design is by Peter Mendelsund.


And finally, I noticed that this year the are reissuing a whole heap of Sonya Hartnett books with newly designed covers. Sonya Hartnett books always have great covers and I heard her say once at a writers’ festival that she likes to be very involved in the process of selecting covers. These new covers are very cool though I of course hate when they bring out cool new covers when you already own the books … makes you want to “accidentally” spill coffee over your original editions …

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