You’re such a teaser

February 11th, 2010 ยท 5 Comments »

People have written in begging to know more about the book. ‘Please, please, please,’ they cry, ‘what’s it about?’ so here is a teaser ….

Hi, my name is Not Nice Nathan and I’m a teaser. Some of my best insults include: You’re quite unappealing! You smell slightly unpleasant! Your hair looks like some strands haven’t been brushed today! Unfortunately I’m not a very good teaser. Sorry.

And here also is a teaser from the book. It is from the blurb. Not Nice Nathan says this particular blurb is ‘ever so slightly dull’ but you can’t trust his opinion because he thinks the warranty papers that come with electrical goods are a ‘rollicking good read’.

Stu is a wuss. A city kid. A chicken. His country cousins are daredevils who look like they sprinkle steroids on their cereal. When Stu is packed off to the country for the summer, he has to face the danger that lurks behind every tree: demonic lambs, yabby-infested tanks, raging creeks and, worst of all, his relatives.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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5 Responses to “You’re such a teaser”

  • Ronda Bergin

    Obviously Chicken Stu can’t be autobiographical because some of Nathan’s relatives are quite nice

  • Jan Bell

    I agree with the above comment and am hoping a certain tale about a “mud slide” is included. Congratulations Nathan- so proud! and will tell all my mates

  • Elaine Luff

    Maybe we need a lot more “Stus” in this world!!

  • Super excited to feature Chicken Stu in the Winter issue of style magazine. Haven’t seen a review copy yet, so am trusting Not Nice Nathan and his teaser… Can’t wait for it!

  • Brendon Oliver

    Can I just mention that this website lies! Yes, LIES I SAY!! Why? Chicken Stu has already hit the bookshop shelves – YES, it’s true! And it is only March! I purchased my own copy yesterday at Newtown’s beloved Better Read Then Dead, and can I say (having read through the first 48 pages) that it’s a HOOT! Proud to know ya Natey. Lol.

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