A Game, Some Guides, and a Goose

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A Game

This is a writing game for teachers and students that looks at the art of descriptive writing.

What to do? In half an hour or so you have to write down a short story incorporating everyday objects you can see in the room BUT you are not allowed to use the actual name of anything, you just have to describe it using other words and things. You’ll find that things are a lot weirder than you you might think.

Example –

Let me tell you about the time I heard the little rectangular plastic thing with numbers on it start singing. No one ever calls me so I was surprised at first but then I pressed it up to where there is a small guarded hole burrowing into the side of my head. I could hear sounds telling me to get up and walk over to the flat thing with four skinny posts holding it up from the flat surface beneath us. I did like I was told and I found an extremely thin almost 2-dimensional flat piece of whiteness with markings on it reading eat me.

Eat me? Eat what, I thought to myself.

There was nothing there, so with no other option, I picked up the flat bit of white and put it in the large hole I have which houses a slippery and wet slug like thing. The flat thing of whiteness started to dissolve and I helped break it apart with the rows of small white stones that guard the entrance to my slug cave. It tasted awful but I swallowed anyway.

I picked up the rectangular plastic thing again and the person I could hear said, ‘Did you find it?’

‘Find what?’ I asked.

‘The baked treats I left.’

Another person in the large box I work in looked up at me and I could see the remains of these missing baked treats oozing out of their own slug cave so I threw the rectangular plastic thing at the large round thing they see, hear, smell and taste out of.

Some Guides

If you need help writing, or teaching writing, you might want to check out these two resources from the Wakakirri National Story Festival website:

The Story Guide – a guide to character and plot with a helpful case study.

Story-Writing guide – a curriculum link document with a focus on analysing and creating short stories in class.

A Goose

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