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Late last school term I had the pleasure of visiting Wiley Park Public School in Sydney. In the lead up to the visit the kids were reading Chicken Stu and inspired by the lists in the book, they decided to make their own. Here are some of my favourites:

A List of the Best Sports

  • Dodgeball (with a tomato ball)
  • Cricket (with an actual cricket)
  • Tennis (with balloons)

A List of the Worst Sports

  • Rugby (with a brick instead of a ball)
  • Cricket (using your hands instead of a bat)
  • Soccer (with a coconut)

A List of the Best Foods

  • Pizza with Fizzy Drink Sauce
  • Apple Pie with Icecream
  • Banana Cake

A List of the Worst Foods

  • Squashed Rat with Grilled Cockroaches
  • Dung Beetle Burger
  • Roasted Peanuts with Human Saliva

Those kids have excellent imaginations. I have tested all the worst foods and I can say that the first two definitely are disgusting but with the third one it really depends on whose saliva you use. Also Pizza with Fizzy Drink Sauce I think could probably be moved to the worst foods list.

The other thing I am really excited about is that there is a wonderful teacher at Wiley Park and equally wonderful students who create large paper mache characters from books. They create all the clothing for them as well. The kids are from their special needs unit and as you can see from the photo below, their creations are awesome. The character on the far left is particularly lifelike, wait a minute, that’s me.

The exciting news is that they want to work on making a character ready for the launch of Bad Grammar. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I’ve given them a list of some of the characters but I most want them to make Ms Blakely, who is this crazy teacher always playing dress-ups (she themes with the subject she is teaching).

Thanks Wiley Park students for welcoming me at your school!

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