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A couple of public holidays are fast approaching. I know a lot of you look to me for life advice, so I thought I’d prepare a guide of ways to spice up your public holiday. The thing to remember is that public holidays don’t happen that often, so you’ve really got to make them unique days.

Ways to spice up your public holiday

  • Wake everyone in your house super early โ€“ people like to sleep in on days off, which is ridiculous because you waste too much of the day. If people are resistant, cover them with dirty laundry until they get up.
  • Have something unusual for breakfast to remind you that this is not a normal day. Some suggestions are: ice-cream, baby food (if you’re not a baby), or Brussels sprouts in jelly syrup.
  • Wear the clothes from your wardrobe that you never wear (for whatever reason) โ€“ this will be like a reverse public holiday for them, ie the one day they have to work.
  • Change your name for the day. Anyone who calls you by your normal name has to give you 5c each time they do it.
  • Buy Bad Grammar or Chicken Stu by Nathan Luff. Read it. Read it again. Go back to the shop and buy copies for ALL your friends and relatives.
  • Take the supermarket aisle challenge โ€“ this is where you choose one aisle only in which to get all the ingredients to cook a meal (pre-packaged meals are not allowed) and you only have 30 seconds in which to do so. From experience I can tell you the pet food aisle is not a good choice.
  • Open the dictionary at random and point to any word on the page. You now have to try using that word as many times as you can (correctly) in conversation during the day. Tip, avoid opening the dictionary towards the end letters.
  • Read Bad Grammar again. And again.


I hope some of these tips help. Happy public holidaying everyone. Make the most of it!! Myself, I’ll be in Byron Bay stalking Paul Simon.

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