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Last year as part of a series of talks I did to coincide with the Wakakirri Festival, I ran a children’s book trivia challenge. It was a bit like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but instead of a million dollars, students won a signed copy of Chicken Stu (with a future market price of considerably more than a million dollars).

And now you too can take the trivia challenge! Well, a shorter version with some different questions because I lost the original ones.

It is less fun doing it this way because when I host it live I have a squeaky toy in the shape of a dog’s head (I call him L’il Bow Wow) and he squeaks every time you get a question right – you will just have to imagine that bit. I have a theory it was L’il Bow Wow who ate my previous questions actually.

Also you won’t get the 50/50 option, ask a audience, or phone a friend options … but apart from those little things it is going to be AWESOME.

Let the games begin:

Question 1

Who illustrated Possum Magic?

a) Margaret Wild

b) Julie Vivas

c) Mem Fox

d) Jeannie Baker

Question 2

What is the latest book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books called?

a) Do it Yourself

b) Rowley’s Choice

c) Cabin Fever

d) Roderick Rules

Question 3

Who wrote Alice in Wonderland?

a) C.S Lewis

b) Robert Louis Stevenson

c) Anna Sewell

d) Lewis Carroll

Question 4

Which is NOT a book in the Rondo series by Emily Rodda?

a) The Wizard of Rondo

b) The Quest for Rondo

c) The Key to Rondo

d) The Battle for Rondo

Question 5

Clifford is:

a) a big red dog

b) a tiny yellow cat

c) a big orange cat

d) a tiny blue dog

Question 6

Which of the following authors is NOT Australian?

a) Phillip Ardagh

b) Oliver Phommavanh

c) Sheryl Gwyther

d) Susanne Gervay

Question 7

Which is NOT a way into the magical world of Narnia?

a) through wardrobe

b) pulled through a picture

c) through death

d) using a magic password

Question 8

What number Privet Drive do the Dursleys live?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 5

d) 7 and 3/4

Question 9

Which is NOT a Beatrix Potter character?

a) Timmy Tiptoes

b) Jeremy Fisher

c) Sam Squirrel

d) Benjamin Bunny

Question 10

Which is the best children’s book ever written?

a) Chicken Stu by Nathan Luff

b) Chicken Stu by Nathan Luff

c) Chicken Stu by Nathan Luff

d) Chicken Stu by Nathan Luff

Write down your answers and whatever you do don’t cheat! I will know. The answers are below. If you got them all right then I am pleased to tell you that YOU HAVE WON A PRIZE!!!!!!! Settle down, stop screaming and jumping around. Thanks to the friendly people at This is Not a Real Company, who are sponsoring this competition, all winners receive a pat on the back. Due to geographical restraints winners will have to administer the prize themselves. Congratulations!

Wow, I feel like Oprah must have felt when she gave everyone in her audience a new car.

The answers:

1 – b; 2 – c; 3 – d 4 – b;  5 – a;  6 – a;  7 – d; 8 – b; 9 – c; 10 – a, b, c or d

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