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I’ve had a habit since I was a wee little thing of making lists. When I first started writing a diary I found it difficult constantly writing entries that were long and detailed. I’d start off well but then fall behind. Making lists however is a much better (well it’s easier) way of keeping track of life. I’d list the books I’d read, the movies I’d watched, the more significant events of the year, the presents I’d received for Christmas and my birthday etc. So each year of my life is bundled together in a series of lists.

I would write my books in list form if my publisher would let me. There is a rumour going around that I employ a very intelligent llama to translate my lists into prose. I’m pretty sure this rumour is false. I’m pretty sure I also started the rumour. I’m also pretty sure the Llama in question is responsible for the book ‘A Tasty Guide to Grass Varieties’ published anonymously. I’m pretty sure this last bit of information is also false.

I also have the nerdy habit of rating everything on all of my lists out of 5 stars.

Now as a fully-grown person I can delve into my past and when people say, ‘So what was it like when you were 11?’

I can say, ‘I have no idea but someone gave me undies for Christmas, and they were totally a 1 star out of 5.’

Now, with December slipping away, it is my favourite time of the year– a time to collate all the lists and announce the winners of the 2010 Nathan Luff Awards. All recipients of these awards receive a very special prize indeed– an official pat on the back! Of course, the winners have to come and find me to receive their prize.

The 2010 Winners are:

Most Significant Event: Well, Chicken Stu, was published this year, so that was a pretty significant event. There were a series of weddings and they were also all very significant events … but the most significant event would be when I discovered Calzones with Nutella inside. Delicious doesn’t quite cover it.

Best Jellybelly flavour:

This is a tricky one but I’m going with blueberry this year.

Best Birthday Present: Definitely Auntie Pearl, the Vespa, a gift from my darling wife. Oh the adventures we have had together (the Vespa that is, oh but also my wife)… My wife and Auntie Pearl also had an adventure together that led to the emergency ward of the hospital.

Best Movie: Toy Story 3. I loved this movie a lot. It made me laugh, it made me teary, it made me scared but mostly it reminded me how much I love going to the movies. I also really enjoyed The Social Network, Boy & A Single Man.

Best Question Asked by a Student on a School Visit (new category):

“What sort of a hammer was M.C. in your book, because I’m pretty sure if you threw a hammer at someone it would break their ribs?”

Runner up: “Did you ever dream of being so amazing and successful?’ Answer: Stop it, I’m blushing.

Best Book: Well surely Chicken Stu was the book of the year!!! But I guess I am a little biased there, so instead I’m going to choose The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness because it was such an addictive read but it was also so rich with ideas and the book design was awesome. I also really enjoyed Sonya Hartnett’s The Midnight Zoo, and Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood.

Best Name of a Child: It is hard to beat last year’s joint winners Metallica & Shamona-Lisa. This year Patè and Ikea were very nice but Chabascoe takes home the prize.

Best CD: All of my favourite artists (apart from 1) released a new album this year making this award highly coveted. My favourite of these albums was Far from Regina Spektor. I saw her live for the second time this year and she is just amazing. I also really loved the runner ups: Jamie Cullum’s The Pursuit and Rufus Wainwright’s Songs for Lulu. I saw Rufus this year perform and it was also amazing. I missed out on tickets to see Jamie and was SOOOO ANNOYED. My all time favourite music artist, Paul Simon, is releasing his new album early next year. Bring it on.

Favourite Sporting Event: Ha, ha, ha. Who made up this joke category?

Best TV Show: I have to say The Wire because I finally watched all 5 seasons this year and the writing and casting was phenomenal. Mad Men continued to be great this year, as did True Blood. Modern Family made me laugh and was my favourite comedy.

So there you go. If you get a chance, sit down and go through your own lists … it’s more fun than you can poke a stick at. I’ve never poked fun with a stick, but it’s on my to-do list for 2011.

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  • lyn prichard

    How are your wife and Pearl faring?

  • Hi Lyn! We are all very well (well, Pearl is still a little scratched and has been neglected recently but she’ll get over it).

    We had a great Christmas in both Yass and Murrumbateman with both families. I hope you, Roger and family had a great Chrissie and it wasn’t too cold.

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