A New Anthology featuring Markus Zusak, Nick Earls, Melina Marchetta, William McInnes & ME

July 19th, 2012 · 5 Comments »

The Martians have landed. Many moons ago I spoke of contributing to an anthology for the Sydney Story Factory on the theme of Martians. Well with a lot of generous support from authors, editors, publishers and more, the book has finally been released and now you can read my brilliant story, The Weird Kid from Outer Space.

For those who don’t know, the Sydney Story Factory is a great not-for-profit creative writing centre for ALL kids, including children from disadvantaged, Indigenous or non-English-speaking backgrounds. Read more here. This Martian Anthology just released is part of a whole heap of Martian inspired products that will be sold at the Martian Embassy in Redfern to help raise money for this organisation (the other stuff they have is awesome, like starter kits for creating your own crop circles).

How can you get a copy? Well, I’m not sure yet. You can buy them directly from the Martian Embassy (176 Redfern Street, Redfern) as of next week when it is officially open, but I’m sure they will have online options etc, so when they announce that I will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, here is more info about the book to get you excited:

I Met a Martian & Other Stories

Martian tales from the best writers around, aged from ten to one hundred, collected in celebration of the Sydney Story Factory

The authors & illustrators are: Deborah Abela, Debra Adelaide, Sunil Badami, Jon Bauer, Larissa Behrendt, James Bradley, Alyssa Brugman, Martin Chatterton, Clare Douglas, Christopher Cheng, Claire Craig, Stephen Dando-Collins, Nick Earls, Terry Whidbourne, Jane Gleeson-White, Kate Gordon, Jacqueline Harvey, Ashley Hay, Andrew Humphreys, Linda Jaivin, Malcom Knox, John Larkin, Nathan Luff, Sarah MacDonald, Georgina MacDonald, William McInnes, Emily Maguire, Melina Marchetta, Sophie Masson, Belinda Murrell, Lachie Murrell, Caroline Overington’s twins, Oliver Phommavanh, Martin Plowman, Michael Pryor, Philip Putnam, R.A. Spratt, Kathleen Stewart, Colin Thompson, John Tranter, Markus Zusak & students from Alexandria Park Community School & Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School

The Martian reviews are good:

Quatlatani, from Planet Mars said, ‘Brilliant – I couldn’t put it down.’

Jakuyaz, from Planet Mars said, ‘Again, the Earthlings get us wrong. Fantastic book though.’

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5 Responses to “A New Anthology featuring Markus Zusak, Nick Earls, Melina Marchetta, William McInnes & ME”

  • Wonderful news, Nathan! Congratulations. xx

  • Lee Brown

    You make me proud!

  • Awww, many Martian thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Nathan – you can buy copies in the store, and we’ll have them for sale on our site soon. Thanks again for contributing!

  • One Year 6 student at Al Noori

    Aw, so thats the story! I’ll be glad to check in my school library and read it right away! Congratulations, Mr. Luff!

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