A New Year

January 12th, 2011 · 2 Comments »

My wife and I celebrated the start of 2011 with a trip down to Victoria, including visits to Wilson’s Promontory & the Great Ocean Road. I am a little in love with Victoria now. Previously I’d only visited Melbourne and the gold mining area around Bendigo, and while I enjoyed these areas the southern coastline has sealed the deal.

Here are some photos from the trip including my favourite safety sign of all time. It’s very dramatic!!

This was a mini-break I took from writing as I am now very much deep into writing Bad Grammar, a story set in a remote boarding school for boys with ‘problems’. It is coming along well and I think I will finish it before I finish Family Holidays and Other Natural Disasters, the book I have previously been working on but not finished. Some books seem to be easy to write, while others take a lot more effort and discovery.

So what does 2011 have in store? Well hopefully lots of laughter, fun times, excitement and chocolate. In February I will be commencing the first half of my Creative Time Fellowship in Adelaide thanks to the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust –read about them here. This will be a great opportunity to really write without distraction (and no, I am not referring to my wife as a distraction, though her need to dance in my face and ask me what I’m doing every 5 seconds is a little on the distracting side). In September I will return to finish the fellowship and do some work with a school in the area.

Aside from that I am returning to the Wakakirri National Story Festival as Festival Director and I look forward to seeing all the stories that students and schools all around the country create.

I think it is important to have goals, so I have compiled a list of my goals for the new year.

A list of Goals for 2011

  • Invent a new fashion trend, like perhaps wearing singlets over jumpers. The singlets could have ‘this is not a vest’ written on them for extra effect.
  • Invent a pill that restores your body the way sleep does thereby giving me more hours in the day to do important things like sukoku and other forms of procrastination.
  • Find the Holy Grail and/or my missing keys
  • Choreograph a new dance that will be bigger than the YMCA and the Macarena. It will be known simply as The Luff and will involve much chicken wing arm movement.
  • Turn 30 (unless I achieve my goal of finding the Holy Grail which I believe will give me eternal life meaning I can stay 29 forever)
  • Explore new areas of this country (provided I find my keys)

Chicken Stu is on the NSW and Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge lists for 2011, so I hope lots of people read it as part of these great programs.

Well that’s all for now. Happy New Year to everyone and here’s to an exciting new adventure in 2011.

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  • sue redman

    Hii Nathan,
    Some of my children thought your new book was already out so i scoured all book shops, but now read that you haven’t quite finished it. Please let us know when bad Grammar is out as we are looking forward to reading your next book. Cheers Sue

  • Hi Sue,
    Yes no book out yet I’m afraid … but as soon as there are any developments, I’ll be sure to scream it from the rooftops!!

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