A Wet but Wonderful Evening in Yass

March 1st, 2013 · No Comments »

Thanks to all the kids who came down to the Yass library yesterday evening despite the rain – actually, libraries are the perfect place to be in the wet, and the heat, and, well, pretty much any weather. Maybe not a cyclone though, I think with a cyclone you’re supposed to be in a bath or a doorway or something. The last thing you want is for a shelf of Harry Potter books to blow off and knock you unconscious.

Due to the lack of cyclones, we got to hang out for an hour and a half in the cosy local library.


I told some stories, read some of Bad Grammar, we had a Q & A and then Pizza!!! There were some pretty good questions at this event though my favourites were:

How old were you when you were young? – Surely I still am young, aren’t I? The more important questions is, how old will I be when I’m old?????

Do things get caught in your beard? The answer to this question is ‘yes.’ I call them treats for later.

Thanks to Michelle Manderson for organising the event. Thanks also to Clancy for untying my shoes during the presentation, and then tying them up again with a double knot. What a talented boy you are!!

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