Blog Tour Kicks Off

January 12th, 2013 · No Comments »

I have packed my e-bags and I am setting off on an awfully big blog tour over the next few weeks. I feel like Bilbo Baggins but slightly taller and with smoother feet.

First stop on this tour is to drop in for e-refreshments with author, Deborah Abela. Deborah writes great adventure, mystery and spy stories so I’m going to talk to her about my love of adventures. Pop on by and have some e-tea with us:

On the 14th of January, I will be heading North and visiting another fantastic author, this time it is Sheryl Gwyther. Sheryl and I are going to discuss writing technique, including the present tense writing style used in Bad Grammar. Start the week with us by visiting:

The 16th of Jan will see me popping by Oliver Phommavanh’s lovely web home to discuss the inspiration behind some zany characters:

On Friday the 18th of Jan, I will be visiting Alison Peters at her Art House Home Life blogsite – here you will get an insight into where I live and where all the magic happens!! Well, some magic, also a lot of looking at a blank screen, and the occasional drool as I fall asleep with my head on the desk. Check it out here:

More dates and sites will be announced soon!!!!!!

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