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As I think I have mentioned before, change is rarely as good as a holiday, and small change, particularly 5 and 10 cent coins, is certainly nowhere near as good as a holiday, unless that holiday is to somewhere dull like the garage. Having said that, change can be great, and as proof I have recently moved into an exciting new* house.

*By new, I mean this-might-fall-down-at-any-moment old, but it is new for me.

This is exciting for a number of reasons but mostly because for the past year all of my books and DVDs have been in storage. There was a teary reunion I can tell you – mostly because of all the dust they’ve accumulated, wreaking havoc on my sinuses. The sad news is that all the books wouldn’t fit in the new/old place, so a cull was in order. I know they’ve gone to a good home, but it was still sad. I may have flung myself at the box as it was torn from my arms …

Above: Just one of my many bookcases basking in the sunlight again.

Another great benefit of moving is that also in storage was my Halloween costume for this year. Phew, just in time!! Stay tuned for photos.

Bad Grammar Update

Right, so it’s now only a couple of months before Bad Grammar will hit stores. I’m told it will be available from about the 18th of December. The cover is done. The pages are typeset. I’ve done my final proofread. It’s getting exciting. I’ll update this website shortly with the cover art etc. It’s all looking great – Walker Books have done an excellent job.

I also received my first review, from Australian Booksellers and Publishers magazine. They gave it 4 stars (out of 5) and it was one of their top picks. Yay!

The Manuscript in Progress

After my week of binge writing down on the South Coast, I have another draft completed of my new manuscript, currently titled Gasbag. Gasbag is set at the same school Bad Grammar is, but is told from a different character’s perspective – in fact it’s told from my favourite character from Bad Grammar, Fred. I have a review from this book also, but the review is from my wife, so her comments are probably harsher than a normal critic. She said it was ‘hilarious with so many laugh out loud moments.’ I will be doing a bit more work on it before the publishers get a chance to have a look. Fingers crossed. If they don’t like it, it will be back to the drawing board, and instead of a holiday to celebrate, I’ll have to dress the garage up like Bali. Again.

Hoping all is well in your world. Tootles.

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