Cake and Roses

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Well this last month has been HUGE. So many things happening. I’ve clearly run out of time to do regular blogging but rest assured I am alive and well.

Let me update you on some of the important things to have taken place.

Firstly there was a cake. An awesome book-cake (see below) made by the wonderful people at St Michael’s in Belfield, where the NSW branch of the CBCA held an author afternoon tea.

Secondly, there was a cake coma, as a result of eating too much cake (see above).

Next I started work as a creative producer at Powerhouse Youth Theatre. They do wonderful thing there. I also did my first few weeks of teaching experience as part of a Masters degree I’m completing. It was great fun, even if I had to teach maths and sport (two subjects I’m not really brilliant at). As a result of this experience I discovered a new sport, Croccer, which is a mix between cricket and soccer. You may not believe it but I’m amazing at it (when versing 12 year olds). I also taught the students origami, which is something I have always loved. I made these for my supervising teacher:

And then there was a busy day of visiting schools, organised by the lovely people at Walker Books. I went out to Plumpton Public School to talk about narrative writing, and then up to Pittwater House in Collaroy, where I had an excellent time telling stories and talking about writing. Thanks so much to the staff and students at those schools for welcoming me and buying so many books!!!

And that is the end up of my highlights update. Thank you for your attention.

As you were.


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