Farewell Adelaide

September 12th, 2011 · 12 Comments »

My Creative Time Fellowship through the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust has come to an end.

As well as working hard on Bad Grammar, I was able to spend a whole week with the students at Scotch College, from Reception all the way through to year 6. The students there were fantastic – really well behaved but also filled with quirky personalities. The strangest question I received was from one of the younger kids who asked me, “How do you write numbers?” which I have to admit left me a little bit stumped. I had many other great questions though about Chicken Stu and also writing in general and I got to share many stories from my childhood with them – some that inspired laughter, and some that made the kids look at me like I was a lunatic.

I was able to read parts of Bad Grammar to the kids and they seemed to really enjoy it – Marcus and Fred are the names of two of the main characters and I met a couple of real kids with the same names – they made me promise that in subsequent drafts I won’t change the names. Thankfully there wasn’t a student named Scarface, one of the other major characters in the story, though I’m sure there is a kid named that somewhere in the world …

Many thanks to Fiona and Louise in the library at Scotch – every school should have enthusiastic and generous librarians like them.

During this part week, the German version of Chicken Stu (Nichts Fuer Weicheier) was released. The illustrator who did the cover and a couple of inside drawings has blogged about it below:


Check out the drawings – I especially love how M.C. the Hammer has come to life!

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12 Responses to “Farewell Adelaide”

  • Simon

    Hi Nathan, I cant wait for bad grammar (no capitals) to come out…… ummmmm I hope this doesn’t stay the only comment for long because you are a great author and as many people as possible should know about your writing skill.
    So… yeah
    And in case you don’t remember who I am, the secret codeword is Sniff up but don’t tell anyone

  • Ha ha
    Hey Simon, thanks for the comment. Giving out codewords was a great idea because now I know exactly who you are! And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what your secret code is. It was great meeting you guys – hopefully I can come back when the next book is published …

  • Nick

    hey remember me if you don’t my codeword was grandma and i love your book chicken stu and i hope you make heaps of books like that
    ps looking forward to bad grammer

  • Simon

    That would be so cool, (you coming back)
    and I could get a copy of bad grammar for $1.00 instead of the retail price of $25.00 (because it will be such a great book.)
    Also….. apart from that it was really great meeting you and hearing about how you write and what your writing styles are.
    Just a bonus, congratulations on replying so quickly thats just dedication.
    P.S. nice profile pic :)

  • Simon

    Also, what I forgot to include in my previous comment is a possible title for the sequel to Chicken Stu (if your planning on making one)
    Ready for it……
    Here it is…..
    Chicken Stu 2 Not again
    That is just so cool…… anyway i wont feel offended if you don’t put that in (if you are making a sequel.)
    So thats about it…… yeah
    Simon : )<—- thats what the last one was meant to look like but it magically became :)

  • Nick

    hey thanx for coming to Scotch and also if u dont remember me my code was grandma

  • Matt

    Hey Nathan I’m Simon’s friend. My secret codeword is Burrowcork.
    I just can’t wait for Bad Grammar to come out because you and your books are awesome! Reading Chicken Stu as a Class Novel was really fun. I really like Simon’s idea for the title of the sequel to Chicken Stu! So again you are fascinating. Do you remember who I am? I was sitting next to Simon on the floor.


  • Hey Simon, Nick and Matt – and yes I remember you all – thanks for all the comments, now I feel popular!! I just realised that if you guys use your passwords and get discounted copies of the next book at $1, then once I get my 10 percent royalty I will only make 10 cents a book. Man am I going to have to sell a lot of books if I want to save up and buy myself an expensive present like a TV, or a piano, or a monkey, or a piano playing monkey.

    A sequel to Chicken Stu sounds like a great idea – Chicken Stu: The Second Serving!

  • Simon

    Or a piano playing monkey watching TV :D

  • Simon

    :) :( :D :S

  • Simon

    Who did the drawings for the cover of Chicken Stu – the Australian version?

  • Sorry for the delayed response. Stella and John Danalis did them.

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