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Social media is here and if you’re a writer/actor/musician/etc you need to embrace it or remain obscure. For today’s lesson we will look at Twitter, something I have ignored up until now.

Quick Definition: Twitter is an online social network service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

I learnt recently that in 2009 the top followed twitterers included CNN (news channel), Barack Obama (US President) and New York Times (newspaper). Fair enough, I thought, considering most of the followers resided in America – also I imagine it would be useful to keep abreast of big news stories. However, jump forward a few years and the list has changed somewhat. Gone are the news feeds, now the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna & Britney Spears are the most followed.

We’ve always been interested in celebrity but is it getting a little out of control? What are these people saying that is so interesting? Well, I’ve done some research and to be honest I find twitter talk so confusing that I still have no idea. For instance, Britney Spears recently tweeted the following:

Right here! Awww, y’all!!! RT @iamjimmey: OMG. We Love Britney Spears is on the TT list worldwide…AGAIN! @BritneySpears where are you?!:(

Ummmm, are we sure Britney is okay? Perhaps she is having another ‘episode’ and faceplanted the keyboard? Someone should really check on her.

But don’t think I am dissing Twitter (this would be me dissing twitter: Yo Twitter, you’re stupid. You’re total rubbish, yeah like a stale doughnut with mould and bits missing because a rat has been chewing on you. Hey, twitter! Look at me when I’m talking at you! I hate to big note myself, but I’m pretty awesome at dissing things) I’m not being mean, I’m just trying to understand Twitter more. I personally find it hard to come up with topics to blog about each week (this blog I think demonstrates that point perfectly) let alone daily tweets. Also I can’t imagine really wanting to subscribe to anyone’s twitter feed (with the exception of Miss Piggy – I love her). I do, however understand how it can be useful for organisations who use it as a way of getting news out about events etc. As an aside, I think I have problems with parentheses (no you don’t).

So after this extensive research and in depth analysis of this trend I have decided I won’t be signing up anytime soon. My friends on Facebook may not be super celebrities but they tell me what funny clips to view, what I should be thinking about politics, and what is socially acceptable to talk about … so it seems to me I’m all set to just keep following them for the moment! Baaaaa.

But for those thousands to millions of people out there who are dying for me to sign up so you can follow me, come gather for I have things to tell you of the upmost importance:

Nathan Luff’s Advice, Musings & Words of Wisdom (in 140 characters or fewer)

Sup y’all? Read my book ul lol 4 sure. CLUCK

Brekkie = yum. No milk = :(

Oliver Twist, Harry Potter, Hugo Cabret, Noddy, Moby Dick … I don’t think I can fit 140 characters here (LOL)

Actually, perhaps I do have a lot to say …

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