Kids Book Choice Awards

February 1st, 2013 · 3 Comments »

It is great news that Chicken Stu has made the Younger Readers’ list for the Western Australian Young Readers’ Book Awards (WAYRBA).

Kids choice book awards are a big thing in this country, and deservedly so! This is a great quote from Jackie French: “Of all the awards, the ones that kids choose themselves always means the most. But they are also a great way to show kids that what THEY love is important.”


As a kid* I held my own Annual Nathan Luff’s Choice Awards (ANLCA). The Nathan Luff Award was a very prestigious award given out across a range of categories including Best Parent and Best Brother. Winners received a ceramic trophy I made in art class (though I never did master any shape other than ‘the blob’).


So thank you to all Western Australian readers out there who nominated the book. You can see the full lists across the different age categories here:

Get voting!

* Actually, I still do have an annual awards ceremony, but don’t tell anyone.


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3 Responses to “Kids Book Choice Awards”

  • Sighle Taylor

    Congratulations!! If I was a child in Western Australia, you would have my vote!! I thoroughly enjoyed Chicken Stew.. Lots of smiles and giggles!!
    Read your bio and cracked up that you remembered being a strongman in Kinder (complete with alfoil covered cereal boxes and dressed like Tarzan!)
    Glad the irony did not escape you. .. but you did look cute!!!

  • Thanks Mrs Taylor!!! Yes I do remember the Strongman experience well – a formative moment in my childhood (I think it was when I discovered that I liked attention!!!)

  • Alice Compton

    Congratulations! You came to my school on Monday. I’m in year 6 by the way.

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