Lost in Double Translation

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A writer recently was telling me about the importance of googling oneself. It seems that as an author, this is not solely a vanity exercise, it is also a way of monitoring the success of your book and how successful any of your marketing has been.

So in the process of googling myself I came across a page in Chinese that Google was kind enough to translate for me. The page has a blurb about Chicken Stu and a blurb about me. A lot of the information on this page was taken from the book and associated marketing, so it has been translated into Chinese and then translated back into English so I can read it. The result? Some very interesting phrases as you can see below. I have a theory that Google is not actually that well schooled in the art of translation. Does this mean there isn’t a bilingual genius stuck in a computer somewhere hastily translating pages of text in less than a second? I still like to think there is, but if this is the case, this genius needs to learn to proof read their work.

About Chicken Stu (Cowardly Stu):

As for the farm, including other harsh environment, “demonic,” the lamb, shrimp tank full of sting and may break out at any time … … In addition to fairly gentle stream uncle outside, always will be here and not suited to the Stewart ” Hell “painted on the equal sign … …  Things really that bad?

About Nathan Luff (Nansenlufu)

Nansen was born in 1981 in New South Wales region of Australia on a farm. After growing up in ranch Nansen worked at moving the stone work.

With Chicken Stu coming out in German in the not too distant future, I will have no idea how close the translation is! This exercise has made me want to learn more languages (I speak English, some Italian and I’m fluent in Mumble) but then again, maybe I’ll just put the German Chicken Stu through google and have a chuckle.



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