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Just a quick note to say thank you to all the wonderful schools I have been visiting.

The students at St Brigid’s School in Coogee asked some of the most intelligent questions I have ever been asked. In Wollongong I ran a workshop on writing comedy (the workshop was called Luff Out Loud) This was organised through the Children’s Book Council of Australia (NSW – Illawarra Branch). There were lots of fabulous authors there and 150 kids who all love books. In my workshops we all created a story together. I thought I’d share the plot with you because it was so good:

So this girl’s house was flooded and she had to take her dog with her to dancing practice, which had been relocated to the swimming pool because the hall was being renovated. The problem was a bunch of dogs were using the pool for synchronised swimming lessons. The girl (who was really bad at drawing) joined with her friends and came up with a plan to get rid of their dogs. Their plan was to break into the aquarium, smash the glass tank and steal a shark (kicking it if it tried to bite them). They then built a catapult to send the shark to the swimming pool, unfortunately the girl’s drawing was so bad they designed the catapult wrong and it ended up flinging the shark to her flooded house where it made itself at home …

What a plot!!!!!! Check out me in action below, photo courtesy of the delightful Tania McCartney.



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