Ms Blakely Comes to Life!!

February 12th, 2013 · 4 Comments »

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Wiley Park Public School in Western Sydney yesterday as part of the launch of Bad Grammar. Plus I got to meet one of my characters face to face.

Last year I visited the school as part of a Books in Homes visit. I admired these fantastic human-sized paper mâché characters they had in the library and following my talk the school asked if they could make one of the characters from the book I was working on. Flash forward a year a here she is, straight from the pages of Bad Grammar, I present Ms Blakely in all her manic detail!!!!

The project was headed by Mrs Robb and constructed with the students in the Support Unit. They used paper mâché to create the body while her clothes are made from french knitting. Her tongue has bubble wrap to give it a bumpy tongue texture. She is amazing.

Ms Blakely, for those who haven’t read the book (shame on you!) is a teacher who loves to dress up in the theme of whatever she is teaching. In this instance the Wiley Park gang have dressed her up for a Science lesson. She has space rocket shoes, planets orbiting around her head, and a science lesson rolling down her tongue.

As I think as many people as possible should see Ms Blakely, I have decreed that Wiley Park Public School library shall be her official custodians, but she will be allowed out on day visits with me to visit other schools now and then …

I had such a wonderful time revisiting the students and meeting some new ones. Thanks everyone for such a wonderful afternoon, especially the incomparable (yes I promise that word is used in a favourable light) Gillian Maugle for organising things.

Check out photos from the event below:



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4 Responses to “Ms Blakely Comes to Life!!”

  • Gillian Maugle

    Hi Nathan!

    We all had so much fun yesterday afternoon and you know that all of us at Wiley Park PS are your biggest fans. We loved your cup cakes, we loved your talk, we love your books, we love you being here . . . Please visit us again soon . . . x

  • Hassan abuobeid

    It was so good to meet you at Wiley park public school. I purchased bad grammar on the day of the launch and finished reading it within a week!! It was a cool book! I also just borrowed chicken stew from the libary, and I’m waiting for the next book launch!!!
    P.S You are the funniest author in the entire galaxy

  • Thanks Hassan – so glad you enjoyed the book!! I will happily accept the title of Funniest Author in the Entire Galaxy. I plan to keep writing and one day be the Funniest Author in the Entire Universe … wish me luck.

  • hassan

    you are all ready the funniest author in the galaxy.good luck!!!!

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