New Nathan Luff Books Coming Your Way

November 18th, 2019 · No Comments »

It is with great excitement that I can announce I have new books in production.

They are part of a series to be published by Scholastic Australia. The first book is currently slated for September 2020, with the second to follow later that year and the third expected in March 2021. Yes, you read right: that’s 3 new Nathan Luff books heading your way!!! Take a few breaths, stop screaming with excitement and get a grip people!

I am remaining tight lipped about the series (isn’t the suspense awesome?) other than to say that I’ll be working with an awesome illustrator and the books will be aimed for people aged 7 all the way up to 100 Sorry people over 100, these books are not for you – they are too exciting and your hearts probably couldn’t take it. I promise that the books will be funnier than that movie where the dog dies, and they will be more action packed than a documentary about roofing materials. You’ll love them!!!!*

So stay tuned as more is revealed closer to the date …


* This is not a promise; it’s merely a friendly suggestion …

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