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It is Oscar season and those who know me will know I have in the past been a little obsessed with the Oscars (until the year Titanic won and I lost all faith in Hollywood). However, the Oscar nominations are out today and because all the attention is always about which actors have or haven’t been nominated, I thought I’d take the time to pay tribute to the real stars – the screenwriters!

The official nominees are:

Writing (Original Screenplay)
“The Artist” Written by Michel Hazanavicius
“Bridesmaids” Written by Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig
“Margin Call” Written by J.C. Chandor
“Midnight in Paris” Written by Woody Allen
“A Separation” Written by Asghar Farhadi

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
“The Descendants” Screenplay by Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon & Jim Rash
“Hugo” Screenplay by John Logan
“The Ides of March” Screenplay by George Clooney & Grant Heslov and Beau Willimon
“Moneyball” Screenplay by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin Story by Stan Chervin
“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” Screenplay by Bridget O’Connor & Peter Straughan

Now let’s point out a few interesting things.

There are 3 women nominated alongside 15 men – I don’t think this is a snub of female screenwriters; I think it is just indicative that women are still marginalised in the film industry. Speaking of gender (because I am so political like that) I still think it is stupid that the acting awards are broken down into gender – why can’t a female actor compete against a male actor? None of the other awards are broken down into gender. There should just be a Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor award. I do realise that in the past it was believed better roles were written for men, so this gender division helped make it a fairer competition but surely this isn’t the case anymore, if it ever was. I mean the Best Actress race this year blows the Best Actors out of the water (except for Rooney Mara being nominated instead of Tilda Swinton – what’s that about?!). Oops there I go mentioning those actors …

A second note: there are also only 5 writer/directors, which is nice to see the overachievers/control-freaks in the minority. There are, however, also a few actor/writers, including Kristen Wiig. These people are also in the overachievers category, but to a lesser degree – George Clooney of course is in the ultimate overachiever category and should be scolded. It is interesting to note that Jim Rash is nominated. Jim Rash is the HILARIOUS guy who plays the Dean in Community.

Thirdly, it’s great to see Bridesmaids nominated here because good comedy writing is not easy – pooing in the street jokes do not write themselves people!

Fourthly, this is Woody Allen’s 15th nomination in the screenplay department (and hopefully it will be his 3rd win).  Without looking them up I can name all of them. This does not make me a nerd. It makes me cool. Really cool.

Finally only 5 of the 9 Best Picture nominees are nominated for Best Screenplay. Those missing out are: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, War Horse, The HelpTree of Life, so we can only hope none of these films will win the big gong (let’s forget Titanic). NOTE: I will never watch War Horse as I have rules about watching films with horses in them (for this same reason I will never watch Seabiscuit).

So there you go – let’s salute the writers. As for my picks – I’ve not seen all the films to make a fair call so I’ll just say that I think Woody will win (despite the over emphasis of the point towards the end) and The Descendants group will win (despite the awful voice over bogging down the start of the film).

An aside – for my 21st birthday party, people had to dress to the theme it’s all about me. My mother came dressed as a Best Screenplay Oscar. Best. Costume. Ever.

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  • Lee Brown

    I may never watch Seabiscuit, but I will eat a sea biscuit(so salty and delicious); also I wouldn’t watch War Horse, but I reckon I could eat a whole war horse.

    I did enjoy Bridesmaids, despite everything!

  • I don’t think you should try eating a whole war horse – there might be shrapnel all through it and you could break a tooth. Also when the old woman swallowed the horse (following the fly, spider, bird, cat, dog and cow incidents) she died. On that note, why would you swallow a cow to catch a dog – this old woman must have never set foot on a farm.

    In Italy I ate grated horse but now I’m mostly a vegetarian so I probably wouldn’t do it again, unless the horse kicked me first.

    I too would eat a sea biscuit.

  • Just to follow up on this – I was completely right with my predictions! I am thinking of opening a fortune reading business to earn myself a little extra income. I predict success …

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