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Some may be aware that later this year the Sydney Story Factory (SSF) will open in Redfern. The SSF will be open after school and welcomes children aged 7 to 17, though there is an emphasis on kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. The volunteers working there will offer free help with writing projects and run many workshops. The purpose of the centre is to promote storytelling and to further develop literacy skills. You can find out all about the project here.

The project sounds awesome and is based on similar projects founded by authors Dave Eggers and Nick Hornby. Each centre that has opened has included a shop.

The Dave Eggers project has a Pirate themed shop, where you can buy peg legs, wooden planks, eye patches and more.

The Nick Hornby project shop is a Monster Supplies Store selling a pharmacopoeia of different types of fear, a complete range of edible human preserves and household essentials such as Fang Floss and Zombie Mints.

The Sydney Story Factory is going to be Martian themed – I can’t wait to see what things they’ll stock. I do know they are publishing a Martian inspired anthology of stories, illustrations and more that will be available for sale. It has been said by mean kids with brains the size of dwarf-peas that I am an alien, but this is a lie and not the reason I have been invited to submit a story for this publication.

I’ve been invited to contribute because I am an expert on all things Martian.

Did you know that Martians live amongst us but they are difficult to spot because they assume human disguises? Sometimes, however, they stand out like sore thumbs, for example all models and bodybuilders are Martians – you can tell because they haven’t quite got the bodies right, they are always too thin or too wide and shiny.

I’m in the process of writing my story The Weird Kid from Outer Space. It is the story of the 2nd weirdest boy in class who gets demoted after the weirdest boy announces he is a Martian.

It is great fun to have a word limit and a theme to write to …

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