Thank you Guise Public School

April 4th, 2013 · No Comments »

I had the pleasure of visiting the students at Guise Public School today. They were receiving their term one free books thanks to Books in Homes and the University of Western Sydney. Even though I didn’t get any free books I still got excited for the kids who all did.

Maybe I’ll go to the shops now and buy myself some books, then I’ll bang my head against the wall so that I lose my short term memory and it will be like I’m receiving free books. Actually, I might not do that – there is a chance it might hurt.

Things I learned from the students at Guise Public School:

  • Penguins are scary (right up there with tigers, snakes and crocodiles, apparently)
  • All horses are not evil (despite my experience that they are)
  • Ice cream is better than chocolate (even though I don’t believe this for a second)

Thanks for making me welcome and enjoy your books!!!!!!!!! Let your imaginations run wild.

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