The Annual Nathan Luff Awards & Wrap Up

December 28th, 2011 · 2 Comments »

I have been silent for a few weeks whilst travelling but now my American tour (or holiday) is at an end so I am back – I hope you didn’t miss me too much!

Danielle and I travelled through the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia & New York and it has been a fun and action-packed trip. The highlights have definitely been New Orleans and Savannah. As with much travel for me, each place became reminiscent of the books I have read set in those areas. Tonight we fly back to Sydney.

And now as the New Year approaches it is that time to look back over the year and gaze off into the distance for a while … One of my main focuses this year was to complete my novel, Bad Grammar, which, thanks to the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Fellowship, I was able to do. I am pleased to say that it is currently slated for release in January 2013. I will of course keep you informed of all developments with this over the next 12 months.

In other news 2011 is my last year as Festival Director with the Wakakirri National Story Festival. It was a very intense year with so much happening in the way of film festivals, dance shows, publications, online events and more, so I have decided that in 2012, I will devote my time instead to writing (to prevent another 3 year gap between books). There are many projects I have bubbling away that I will now get to develop further, including television and theatre projects. Of course I will miss Wakakirri, but I’m sure my ties with it will never be severed.

Also this year I got to visit some great schools and be involved with some fantastic festivals. Chicken Stu was published in Germany and there has been a very favourable response to the book.

All these things have made the year fly by.

And so, as per my usual tradition, it is time for me to list my favourite things of the year (as I am sure, just like Oprah, I have many followers who are dying to know what I have thought of things).

The 2011 Nathan Luff Awards go to the following:

Best Book Award: My favourite book for children/young adults is: A Monster Calls by Patrck Ness. Honourable mentions of books I read this year go to: Trash by Andy Mulligan, The Hunger Games series by Susanne Collins and The Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde. For adults, the best book award is won by The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Euginedes.

Favourite Pen Ink Colour I Like to Write In Award: The winner is once again Black Ink. Congratulations.

Best Music Award: My favourite singer/songwriter of all time, Paul Simon released his new album So Beautiful or So What, so I have to give him this coveted award. This year I have also enjoyed listening to Bat for Lashes, Fleet Foxes, Architecture in Helsinki, and K.D Lang’s new album.

Best Beverage Award: This is a tough one. Overseas I am always fond of a grape soda, which is so much harder to get in Australia, so I think it will give it the award this year. An honourable mention goes to Peppermint Tea.

Best Movie Award: One of my favourite writers/directors, Woody Allen, released the lovely Midnight in Paris, but I loved Black Swan so much that I think I will give it my award this year. I also loved the film Submarine. (I did miss a lot of films this year and there are a whole heap that have just been released that I’m dying to see …)

Best Word Award: My favourite word of the year (which is kind of 2 words) is y’all, and it is used by a lot of Americans, especially in the South. I think it is so much more refined than youse, which a lot of Australians use.

Best Television Award: Definitely goes to The Slap on ABC as I thought it was just excellently done. Shortlisted for the award were: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Deadwood (which I finally saw this year) and I also became obsessed with the comedy show Community.

Best Kardashian Award: This award is an extremely difficult one to give out as all the Kardashians are so talented and interesting to watch as they go about their day to day business, completely oblivious to all the cameras around them. I think I will have to give it to Kim, purely because she spells her name the right way. If you don’t know what a Kardashian is, I am so ridiculously happy for you.

Best Theatre Award: I saw a lot of great things in 2011 but I am giving the award to The Seagull at Belvoir, because I normally find Chekhov a bore, and this was the first time I actually enjoyed his work. Also good was Gross und Klein with Cate Blanchett at STC. In New York, Book of Mormon, Other Desert Cities (with Stockard Channing, Rachel Griffiths & Judith Light), and Sleep No More, were all excellent.

Best Thing Award: And the best thing of 2011 I am pleased to announce is ……. (drumroll) …….. my Alligator onion cutter. How did I ever live without it. No more tears!

Well, merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone … here is to a great and prosperous 2012.

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  • Lee Brown

    So, with your alligator onion cutter, do you shed crocodile tears?

  • You always were the funny one!

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