The Joy of Awards and Slankets

May 9th, 2012 · 1 Comment »

I am pleased to say I have two things in my life keeping me warm at night (other than my wife of course). One is an award and the other is a slanket. I should probably point out that the award doesn’t literally keep me warm (ie it isn’t a hot water bottle that I’ve just written the word ‘Award’ on – I haven’t done that for a long time now.)

Yes that’s right, it’s a real award! Last week I heard that the German language edition of Chicken Stu (Nichts Für Weicheier) won a LesePeter Award.

What is a LesePeter Award? I hear you ask.

The LesePeter is a literary award for an excellent recent book, chosen by the Literature and Media Association (AJuM) of the largest education union (GEW) in Germany.

They announce 12 awards annually, evenly divided into the categories of: Children’s Book, Young Adult, Non Fiction and Picture Book, so three books in each category (I know, my maths astounds me as well).

The award has run since 2003. All books chosen for the award are promoted through their networks and receive an extended review and teaching notes for use in schools. You can read this here, though it will help if you can speak German.

But tell me more about the slanket, I hear you say.

Well If you don’t know what a Slanket is, you should be ashamed. A slanket is a blanket, with sleeves! In other words it is pure brilliance. It can be worn as a cape, a coat, an apron. I like to wear it backwards (with the opening at the front) then wrap it around and tuck it into my pants. Because my slanket is in tiger print material, I sometimes like to pretend I am the chief of a village somewhere in Africa. My Chief name is Murray Zabu (because for some reason he has a New Zealand accent and sounds just like Murray from Flight of the Conchords – actually all of my characters sound like Murray. I might have a problem). While I am a full time writer I practically live in this thing.

So there you go – I recommend you get both these things immediately.

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  • Wife

    Chief Zabu, you need to wash your slanket and your award.

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