A Warning

May 31st, 2011 · No Comments »

To all you writers out there, and non writers, remember to back up your computer! I have recently undergone the misfortune of having my laptop computer stolen.

Some people say having a laptop as a best friend is weird and sad, but I don’t care what anyone says. Lappy and I had a special bond … and now Lappy is gone.

I do not backup my files as diligently as I should, and so hence I have lost a lot of very valuable files, including photos and video footage. I am very paranoid however about my writing – imagine spending countless hours wrangling a manuscript only to lose it when your computer breaks, or burns in a house fire, or leaves you for another man –  so I do have a backup of most of my writing files, including Bad Grammar, which I have just finished the second draft of. Phew!!

I know we hear horror stories all the time and we think, yes, I must backup my files, but I am here to tell you DO IT TODAY. And to the people who steal other people’s belongings I say: thanks for reading my blog. But, also, I say: YOU SUCK!

As for me, I’ll have to start internet dating again, searching for the best bargain. I haven’t even finished paying off Lappy yet – and now when I fork out each monthly payment, I’ll think of happier days …

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