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I read that the eye can only see movement. The human eye is clever – it constantly jiggles slightly, enabling us to always get a fresh update. In fact the human eye is pretty awesome and can distinguish between 10 million colours.

Perception is an interesting thing. We often see the same things each day. The same bathroom, the same kitchen, the same car, the same offices … there’s rarely any movement in our lives. Have you ever looked at a room from a different angle? Say you’ve dropped something and in picking it up you look up and the room looks really warped? Have you ever dived into the ocean and turned to look up and see the sun filtering through the water like fingers trying to touch you? Have you ever looked at someone and noticed a detail that you just always took for granted, like a mole the shape of New Zealand?

I think we all need to bounce ourselves around a little bit just like our eye to catch all the subtle movement in life, to see all the things we take for granted. We shouldn’t wait for the big moments in life to wake us out of our stupor.

When writing, I find I constantly have to really re-examine the world around me in order to describe it. And it’s not until you really look at something and break it up into parts that you realise how bizarre the ordinary world really is. For instance, have you ever really looked at a butterfly? Without their wings they are butt ugly!! So why don’t really ugly people go around wearing really big colourful wings? I would, if I wasn’t so ridiculously good looking.

Anyway, that is my philosophical thought for the year – and if you see me walking down the street, jumping up and down, you’ll know I’m not crazy (well, not completely crazy), I’m just looking for a fresh perspective.

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