Red in the face

April 12th, 2010 · No Comments »

I like going into bookshops, I always have. But things got out of control during my recent Easter holiday with my wife, Danielle.

It’s because the trip coincided with the release of Chicken Stu. So as we travelled down the South west coast of Western Australia, I made us pop into the bookshops of every town, no matter how small, to see if they were stocking the book. It’s a really fun thing to do – like trying to spot exotic wildlife on a safari, or even whale watching out on a boat. Danielle doesn’t agree though, and she would rather go into shops with shoes and handbags. So she got her revenge ….

We were outside a shop as it was closing, meaning we were forced to peer through the glass windows to see if Chicken Stu could be spotted in its natural habitat. One of the shop assistants saw us and opened the door to ask if she could help. Before I could mumble that we were just looking, Danielle asked if they had any copies of Chicken Stu. The lady looked it up in the computer and confirmed they did at which point, Danielle, acting very much like the most embarrassing mother in the world, told the shop assistant that I was the author and asked if they wanted me to sign the books for them. The lady clearly didn’t want anyone defacing her books, regardless of who they were but she did kindly let us observe them from a  distance, her finger on the alarm button just in case I tried anything sneaky.

Now Danielle isn’t allowed to come into bookshops with me, which suits her just fine.

Have you got your copy of Chicken Stu yet? If you live on the South West cost of Western Australia, I can tell exactly where to go …

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