Summer Holiday Suggestions

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It’s always difficult to decide where to go for the holidays. Do you want the beach, or would you prefer the snow? Do you crave mountains, or culture? How do you please everyone?

To assist, I have put together a list of the best places I have been to over the years, with some pros and cons for each.

NARNIAa vast land offering great outdoor activities such as sledding and live battles


  • No continuing travel costs, just get a portal installed in your wardrobe
  • There’s Turkish Delight galore (the real stuff)
  • There’s a lion!


  • A lot of corruption, attributed to The Snow Queen’s rule
  • Distinct lack of souvenir shops
  • There’s a lion!


OZ  – across an enormous desert is Oz, an oasis complete with both quaint countryside and shopping-friendly cities


  • The capital city is spectacular! You have to wear these green tinted glasses, kind of like 3D glasses at the movie but so much better, provided you like green.
  • There are a lot of really short people, so if you are not tall (like me) you feel like a giant.
  • Good paved walking paths
  • There are monkeys!! Who doesn’t love a good monkey?


  • Getting there is difficult. Check out twister prediction websites for more info.
  • The crime rates are high: kidnappings, beheadings, fraud … those sorts of things.
  • In the Emerald City, it is hard to see if food has mould on it, because everything looks green. There’s a lot of food poisoning.
  • The monkeys have wings and are evil.


MIDDLE EARTHunlike the middle child, Middle Earth is enormously popular and not insecure. It’s bold and spectacular


  • The jump back in time is great for those wishing to get away from their mobile phones. Impossible to charge cameras though.
  • Now Air New Zealand are flying there, apparently
  • Great bungy jumping opportunities off the Two Towers.


  • Hairy feet everywhere. This place is in desperate need of a pedicure industry.
  • The elves won’t perform at Christmas parties. Trust me, I’ve asked.
  • Oh there is a giant spider that eats people


There are plenty more exciting places to visit but hopefully this list has sparked some interest. Happy travels!!

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