The Worst Christmas Present

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As we hurtle towards Christmas, I have decided to gift you with a Christmas story from my past. This story is about the worst Christmas present I ever received.

I don’t remember ever wanting an electric toothbrush but there was a time in my teenage years when they came into fashion and if you had an electric toothbrush, you were pretty hot stuff. So that must have been the reason my grandmother decided to buy me one – it was either that or I had really awful teeth and no one was brave enough to tell me (in case I bit them with these horrible rancid teeth).

So my grandmother went to the shops and on Christmas day she was most upset when, after opening my gift from her, I pulled an ‘are you sure this is for me’ face, checked the name on the wrapping, and then hid it amongst my other things so that my brothers wouldn’t see and laugh.

Now, you might think that I was just a rude teenager with no manners, but what you don’t realise is that my grandmother made a mistake when buying the electric toothbrush. It was indeed a toothbrush, and it had a large round handle just like the part on an electric toothbrush where you’d place the batteries, but on this brush, the handle was nothing more than a rattle.

She’d bought me a baby’s rattle toothbrush.

After Mum told me how upset my grandmother was at my reaction, I had to open the brush and put in in my mouth, making a pretend motor noise, loud enough to cover the jingle of the rattle. I smiled at my grandmother.

“It’s awesome,” I said. “Thank you.”

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