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This picture has been doing the Facebook rounds lately. I tried to find out who the creator was, so I could credit them, but alas it has been copied so many times I don’t know where it originated.

The reason I am posting it is I think it is the perfect image for the main character of my soon to be released book Bad Grammar. His name is Marcus.

Stu was a bit like this too in Chicken Stu; in his head things were always more dangerous, disgusting, terrifying than they actually were. Marcus, however, sees life as his favourite series of computer games and the accompanying game manual as a bible for dealing with any threat, whether that be a Goblin, a Troll, a Bully or a Parent.

The book even starts with Marcus slaying dragons.

I am a good way into the follow up book (which is actually more of a prequel), currently titled Gas Bag, which has so far been a heap of fun to write. Hopefully there won’t be as big a gap between my books in the future.

For all you people who live exciting, thrilling lives inside your heads … I salute you!

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