An Inspiring Life

August 31st, 2010 ยท 3 Comments »

At recent school visits during Book Week I’ve been showing photos of inspiring places and characters from my past, many of which make appearances in Chicken Stu. I thought I’d post those photos here online for those interested readers out there.

This is me when I was in primary school. Adorable!!!!!!!! This is before the days when Mum would take to our hair with clippers but leave the fringe starting at the top of our heads. It’s a look that never really caught on.

This is Goondah, the farm on which Gwen and Col live. It’s a lot greener here than it is in Summer. Here also is the entrance to the mine on our property – Dad is horrified we ever crawled in.

Some of the animals were based on real animals, including Tom the vicious and vengeful lamb and Hank the moodiest dog in the world.

And finally, my favourite picture of all time … this is from my camping trip through Italy with my wife. As you can see, we are natural campers.

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  • Great pics, love the junior author pic with all the books in the background.

  • Lee Brown

    I’ve had a nice time reading your blog. But more than that, I have enjoyed the extreme pleasure of seeing all those photos – I guess your parents didn’t sell all of them to Nathan-memorabilia-hungry fans (which could explain the dearth of photos available). It is good to keep up with your many travels too. I hope your school visits went down a treat for you, the teachers and the kids.

  • I’d never suspected that the missing photos from my youth might have disappeared on ebay. I assumed that following the antics of the farm-folk in Chicken Stu, my family were trying to dissociate from me. I like your theory better!

    I do love the photo with the books, or should that be my many friends, behind me.

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