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At a recent work function, we found ourselves discussing our favourite animals … I find asking someone what their favourite animal is leads to a more interesting discussion than discussing the weather, unless of course you are all from the weather bureau in which case a discussion about the weather would probably be quite riveting.

The animals in our group were: Whale, Albatross, Willy-Wagtail, Sloth, Meerkat & Lion. A game evolved whereby you could only address everyone by their animal name. Anytime a real name was used an ugly cross was placed against the offending person’s name and these crosses were tallied at the end of the night to work out the winner. The King of the animal kingdom ended up being Albatross, but then he didn’t say much all night so I think he was more of a Cheetah. Sloth was the loser, and was surprisingly animated as we laughed at her, making the L sign with our hands and dancing around her like Galahs.

I certainly had a Whale of a time and would recommend everyone to embrace their wild side at the next social gathering. The more people, the harder it will be.

Which type of animal are you?

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