Some Words on Teachers’ Pets

June 30th, 2010 · 2 Comments »

For many of my school years I was the teacher’s pet. I lived in a cage and kids would take it in turn to take me home for the weekends.

People think teachers’ pets are suck ups but this not true at all, well, that’s not all they are. Yes, often the teacher’s pet is a well behaved and hardworking student but it takes a lot more …

Things you need in order to be a teacher’s pet:

  • Fur, Scales or Feathers
  • Sense of humour
  • Ability to think for yourself
  • Maturity (not too much or you become a know-it-all)
  • Cuteness (the more the better – no one can resist an adorable child)

Of course if you don’t have all the things listed above, don’t despair because life as the teacher’s pet is not all peachy – teachers’ pets spend their entire life seeking approval and have difficulty surviving outside the classroom because they crave the constant tests and assignments. The classroom is their natural habitat and cruelly they are thrown out after school to fend for themselves! It’s inhumane!! Many become addicted to university study until that becomes too expensive and then they are forced to become teachers themselves.

The other tricky thing is that teachers’ pets require a very particular balanced diet of certificates, awards, prizes, trophies and at least one smile a day. There are so many malnourished teacher’s pets out there – as you go about your day today, spare a thought for them.

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2 Responses to “Some Words on Teachers’ Pets”

  • Ah yes, I was also one of those friendly little furry critters throughout my schooling, always so eager to please and get to do the ‘important’ jobs (which in my day included making morning tea for the teachers and doing the dishes in the staffroom…and I’m not 100, I promise). The interesting thing is that being the teacher’s pet makes you Public Enemy #1 with the rest of the kids…and usually it’s not the kid who decides to take that role but the teacher that bestows it! As a teacher I tried so hard not to put any kid in that position and instead dish out smiles to everyone.

    Glad to say I’m no longer a people pleaser (unless of course you’re remotely offended by that comment, in which case I retract it immediately :P )

  • You are right about the whole public enemy thing. It’s a dangerous consequence.

    I completely admire your ethics! You were willing to give up the opportunity of having someone do the dishes and make morning tea for you, all so the friendly furry kids wouldn’t have a rotten time at school. Talk about a Sophie’s choice!

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