Writing – it’s all fun and games

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Sometimes to distract me from my real work I like to play writing challenges with some of my friends over email – do I know how to have a good time or what?! Some of the games include writing stories without the use of the letter ‘e’ – you can’t cheat and omit the ‘e’ such as:

‘Onc upon a tim thr livd a princss namd Sarah …’

You actually have to use words that don’t have the letter ‘e’ in them.

‘Long ago a royal girl, Sarah, was hanging around …’

But my latest favourite game is the 100-word story challenge. The way this challenge works is someone sets a one-word title, and everyone must write a story to fit that title. The story must have exactly 100 words according to your computer’s word count. It’s a lot harder than you think, using so few words. Often I’ll just write the story and then try cutting it down to fit – you’ll be amazed at how much fat there is on a story.

Here is my 100-word story for the title ‘Mount’

Deborah looked one last time, then turned from the window.
‘Patrick,’ she called out, ‘someone’s stolen the mountain from my view.’
‘Don’t look at me; I’d be flat out moving a mole-hill.’
‘Kids! They’ll take anything not bolted down. Should I contact the Police?’
‘No, I shouldn’t bother them; it’ll turn up again, I’m sure.’
The little things went missing first: keys; clothes; bags; names. Now it was the bigger things and Deborah was starting to worry.
‘Patrick, I’m not losing my mind, am I?’
‘Of course not,’ he murmured, ‘but you better bolt it down, just in case.’

Let me know if you know of any great writing games.

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  • Hi Nathan

    Just thought I’d pop across and say hi. I saw your site on Jin’s author page and have also heard of CHICKEN STU. Congrats on your book and I can’t wait to read it!

    Your writing games are great, by the way. Happy writing!

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