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There is just something about travel – it fires the imagination, providing new settings, characters and ideas. My first book was based on the place I grew up, but only after returning one day and looking at it through fresh eyes. The new book was inspired by visits out into the remoteness of West NSW. The screenplay I’m working on at the moment found its roots on the volcanic island of Stromboli, in Italy.

It occurs to me that much of my work has started with a setting, rather than a character.

Over Easter I was fortunate enough to visit the Daintree rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, both world heritage sites existing right next to each other up in Far North Queensland.

This is a strange and beautiful part of the world that is so very different from the landscape I grew up in. The rainforests are dense, with trees and vines growing over each other, stretching high up into the sky and fighting for the sun. Everything is a vibrant green and most of the wildlife is hidden, camouflaged into its surroundings. In contrast, the world under the sea is an incredible combination of colour, texture and movement. It’s like a Mardi Gras parade down there.

Of course it is not all beauty because inhabiting these worlds are some of the scariest creatures you’ll come across: crocodiles, jellyfish, cassowaries, snakes, stinging trees, mosquitos, leeches, sting rays, cane toads … and let’s not forget the common cyclones and floods. Yet that’s what makes this place even more inspiring. Nature is in charge.

Below are photos of me being contemplative in Far North Queensland (I find it is best to be upside down whilst being contemplative):

So now the question just remains … what story can I now set in this new world I have discovered?

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