Adelaide Aftermath

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I have returned from Adelaide triumphant! Well, sort of …I was there on a fellowship thanks to the awesome May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust people. The purpose of my visit was to write and write I did. I now have a 1st draft of Bad Grammar completed. Most writers, if not all, will know that a first draft most often barely resembles the finished product and despite my dream that one day everything will be there from the start and it will only take the one draft to create something amazing, this has certainly not been the case this time. I’m the sort of writer who can only really get a sense of character and plot by writing and seeing what happens. This means it takes a lot more time than those writers who are good at plotting things out before they begin. Damn those people!!

This second book experience has reminded me just how much a writer needs to revise what they write. How exhausting!

My wife was given the privilege yesterday of being the first (and only) person to read this draft.Last night we sat down and discussed it (and all of its problems) and the changes we talked about have made me really excited to get to work on the second draft. Big changes are afoot but I really think this book is going to be good when it is finished.

Stay tuned! And a big thank you to the May Gibbs people. You can read more about what they offer here.

Below is a 1 minute video of my time in Adelaide. Apologies for the aspect ratio – it was filmed in 16:9 but I’m having many difficulties getting it to show in anything but 4:3. Technology hey?

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