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Today’s ramble is about sleep and dreams. As a child it took me a decade to get asleep each night (I should point out at this stage that I am either a time lord or an exaggerator, you decide which). I always had so many thought, scenarios, and acceptance speeches playing out in my head. And then, at about the same time that I started writing regularly, I began to sleep better, unless of course I wrote all the way up until sleeping and then it was very difficult to shut down. I have a theory that the writing provided an outlet for all these thoughts and scenarios leaving me empty and ready to recharge.

Lately I’ve been having difficulty getting to sleep again and, not surprisingly, it coincides with not really having written anything for a number of months (which all ends next week when I become unemployed – woo hoo!)

I am also not sleeping very deeply which has its plus side as I am remembering my dreams, something I haven’t done for a long time. And my dreams are AWESOME. At least, they always seem that way. I once woke up from a dream where I’d written the sequel to Hamlet. It was called Porklet and it was a huge hit. I wrote it down in my bedside notebook and then in the bright light of day I read it and questioned its brilliance. Still, for every Porklet there is a gem and in the past couple of weeks I have had some brilliant story ideas. I’m not sharing any of them with you though. They’re mine! Mine, I tell you!

Okay, fine, I’ll share one of the strangest dreams I had – it involved an answering machine that could read a man’s mind and would communicate secret thoughts to his wife as voice messages. I wonder what Freud would make of that?

Actually Chicken Stu started because of a dream – I was out on our farm with my brothers trying to build a bridge across a flooded creek. When we made it to the other side, the farm was transformed in my mind to this magical word of castles and dungeons.

So there you have it … to sleep, or not to sleep, that is the question.

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