Poetry Hour

March 19th, 2010 · 1 Comment »

Autumn is upon us which means Winter is not too far away. I love Winter because I like to dress up in lots and lots of clothes and roll down hills.

I would like to be in Paris, rugged up, mainly rolling down hills but every now and then I would stop to drink hot chocolate at a fancy cafe while I wrote some poetry. Poetry is fun to write, mainly because there are fewer words than a novel and it doesn’t have to make a lot of sense. Below is a poem I wrote many years ago for a paper called the Condobolin Argus.

My Mum always says when it’s raining,

We’re not to be heading outside,

But being inside is so boring,

With never a fun place to hide,

So I take the hose from the garden,

And bring it on into our house,

When I turn on the tap all I hear is a scream,

Like Mum has just spotted a mouse.

Mum turns to me with her face burning red,

And she screams, “What on Earth did you do?”

I say, “Mum can I go outside now?

Because it’s raining inside our house too!”

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