The Life of a Juggling Writer

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For the next few months or so I am busy trying to get three projects to first draft level. It’s not easy switching between stories and it is even worse when you are switching between 3 different mediums: a Novel, a Film script, and a TV series.

The people in this house/office treat my writing time as very serious, as they should. Interrupting a writer midstream is like waking a sleepwalker. It’s dangerous! Someone reluctantly (and very apologetically) interrupted me the other day in the midst of writing an epic fart joke. I had to hold it in for the duration of their interruption. Didn’t they realise I was creating serious art?!!

I feel the need to point out that the fart scene I was writing is very justified and I do not support the cheap use of a fart joke to get laughs. Likewise, the snot and vomit scenes in this script are equally as justifiable.

Now, because it is easier to write about writing these projects rather than actually writing them, here is a little update on what I am working on:

Gas Bag – a Bad Grammar novel

This is my proposed sequel to Bad Grammar, though at the moment it is really more of a prequel. The idea is that a different character will narrate each book in the Bad Grammar series and you will find out how they ended up at Bad Grammar the school.

Family Holidays and Other Natural Disasters

This started off as a novel that I wrote the first draft of but it wasn’t quite working. I’m now turning it into a big scale family film script and I think it is much better. My wife describes it as Goonies meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If you haven’t seen Goonies, see it immediately! It has Samwise the hobbit in it before he got old and fat.


This is a children’s TV series concept that I am writing with a friend. It’s about kids on the fringe of society, exploring why they go by mostly unnoticed. Sounds like a hoot doesn’t it?!! Actually while Invisible still has comic moments, it is a lot more serious than the above two projects. It’s so serious in fact that so far it doesn’t have one poo or fart joke.

A final note: if you happen to be a Producer or someone with a lot of money and a love of the (f)arts, or otherwise a spare cheque book and an easy to forge signature, have I got some scripts for you …

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